First-semester courses will be offered during the winter semester (October to February), and second-semester courses during the summer semester (February to July).

1st semester course offered at:
Theories and Typologies of Conflicts BG SA ZG
Methodology of Peace Research BG SA ZG
Culture of Peace BG SA ZG
Regional Perspective on Conflicts and Peace BG SA ZG
Politics of Resistance and Civil Disobedience BG ZG
Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management SA ZG
Human Security SA ZG
Globalization and New Challenges to Peace BG
Transitional Justice SA
Geopolitics of War and Peace ZG
2nd semester course offered at:
Conflict Resolution Practices BG
Peace and Development BG SA
Peace Journalism and Conflict Resolution BG
Paths to Reconciliation BG
Political Regulation of Ethnic Conflicts BG
From Humanitarian Aid Toward Development SA
State-Building and Post-Conflict Development SA
Peace Education and Ethics SA
Security and Cooperation in South-East Europe ZG
Conflict Potential and Borders ZG
Peacekeeping Operations – United Nations and Regional Organizations ZG
Community Security Concept ZG
State Building and Society Building in Post-conflict Regions ZG
Master’s Thesis BS BG SA ZG